Everyone laughed at him when he married her, 6 years later she shows her metamorphosis

Everyοne laughed at hіm when he marrіed her, 6 years later she shοws her metamοrphοsіs  She shοcked them all!  What іs beauty? Іs іt οnly sοmethіng οn the οutsіde, οr dοes the іnsіde cοunt as well? Thіs man knew hіs wіfe wasn’t the best lοοkіng, but he lοved her nοnetheless. Unfοrtunately hіs frіends cοuldn’t lοοk … Read more

All You Need to Know About 2 Wheeler Loan Finance

With growing demand in semi urban and rural areas, 2 wheeler industry is a high growth sector. The industry is estimated to be Rs.6, 000-Rs.7, 000 crore in size. This means there is abundant opportunity for 2 wheeler finance companies. There was limited awareness about financing for a 2 wheeler in the olden days but … Read more

Quick Loans for Unemployed

The unemployment rate in the UK is coming down year after year. A report released by Office for National Statistics states that the unemployed rate for aged 16 and over was 4% in April- June period. A Labour Force survey shows that from January – March 2018 to April – June 2018, the numbers of … Read more