What Are Logistics Services, and Which Shipping Method Should You Choose

Logistic service includes all the components of a supply chain process, and there are multiple logistic service providers, such as China Logistics Service Company. Such providers involve a logistic process starting from production to the final consumer. 

They consist of delivery to the final customer, storage and order fulfillment, and transportation from the manufacturer to the warehouse.

Logistic service as a whole is transporting goods between the fulfillment warehouse and the factory. Moreover, it includes the fulfillment of orders or warehousing, outbound shipping as well as client order delivery.

Within each of these supply chain stages, there are several possibilities, decisions, and dynamics when you work on them later. Maybe, you’re running an e-commerce business, where you select from a variety of logistical services; let’s discuss it in detail. 

Freight Forwarding

Moving all the freight from one place to another or from one point of origin to another point of destination is freight forwarding. When you place an order for any product with your manufacturer, a wholesale supplier, or a distributor. Here comes freight forwarding; it maybe the fulfillment of an international purchase or a bulk shipment. 

For domestic freight shipments, there are various examples, such as trucking, rail shipping, and air transport. We use rail or truck transportation for full truckload (FTL) or less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments always. Moreover, we utilize these types of shipments of large or heavy commodities. When shipping urgent orders or expensive goods, freight forwarders may choose to use air freight.

What Distinguishes FCL And LCL In Terms of Shipping?

When we narrow down our research, there is a fundamental difference between FCL and LCL. These terms are common when sending international shipments. 

For an LCL shipment, the buyer shares container space as opposed to renting the entire container under an FCL transaction. There are many factors that the shipper considers while selecting an ocean freight arrangement. Moreover, when selecting whether to employ FCL or LCL, factors other than cargo volume must consider it.

Being an international buyer, you always find the less expensive shipment. Well, it becomes suitable to compare the differences between FCL and LCL. Therefore, a buyer’s main concern is the cost of the shipment. To understand which shipment method is appropriate, FCL or LCL. The shipment’s volume, route, timeframe, and cost are the main factors that you must consider. 

While LCL permits purchasers to send shipments with a lesser volume, the freight, including local fees, is typically more expensive than FCL when compared to the per CBM cost. When the CBM is high enough, it is, therefore, always beneficial to compare LCL pricing with FCL.

If a shipment is around 15 CBM, you must check with your freight forwarding business for the rates of both LCL and FCL. After that, you need to compare the freight cost, transit duration, and any other potential fees that may apply during the logistics process. 

In addition, any buyer who wants to select the best shipping option for their products will benefit from being familiar with shipping fundamentals and working with a reliable freight forwarder.

DDP Shipping Services

Do you know what DDP shipments are? DDP is an acronym for “delivered duty paid.” We use DDP shipments for transporting air and marine freight imports since sellers are in charge of delivery and may not be familiar with regional conditions. DDP shipments may be a complex system of shipping freight. 

DDP involves the buyer’s and seller’s responsibilities. For buyers, aside from receiving the products, the buyer doesn’t require any other aspect of the logistical process. The procedure of unloading is a component of receiving the items. 

Moreover, buyers should be aware of these costs, especially when shipping to fulfillment warehouses, as they are responsible for any unloading fees.

For the seller, he will typically include the overall delivery fees, also known as landing expenses, in a consolidated quote for the services. Most often, when you quote a product, a vendor will use the abbreviation DDP for the whole value of their offering. 

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