What is Bottle Printing Machine

Have you ever strolled down an aisle and been struck by the packaging that has what appears to be no product labels? They project a polished, businesslike appearance without compromising on interest or branding. Due to the flawless integration of their label and product packaging, they appear to stand out on the shelf. This is usually done by a Bottle Printing Machine.

The same is what you want for your product! You’ll learn that there are two methods for doing this when you look at them: silkscreen direct print and transparent bottle labels.

Bottle Printing

Bottle screen printing involves putting ink on the packaging directly through a screen. There is absolutely no label. The procedure involves the printer applying a mesh pattern to the label and then printing the label image by pumping ink through the mesh openings. We can also call it silk screening.

 If there are few colors and production volumes are for medium- to long-term runs, it can be a cost-effective choice. Because the finished product is tactile, strong, adaptable, and beautiful, bottle screen printing is a popular option. However, there are some drawbacks.

Let’s examine the arguments for and against bottle screen printing in more detail.

It appears tidy. Screen-printed bottles often only have one or two colors. Consider your favorite shampoo bottle, which is likely to print silkscreened.

It is robust. Bottle screen printing is resistant to water, UV rays, weather, and scuffs. The material is also resistant to chemicals.

Use opaque colors if you want. This is popular among many brands, especially when you print clear containers in white using silkscreen. Flexo inks are less opaque than ordinary white inks used on labels because of their low viscosity. It makes them stand out more than those inks.

Applications Of Bottle Printing Machine

The following things are possible with a bottle screen printing machine, also known as a mug screen printing machine, a round screen printing machine, and a silk screen bottle printing machine:

·         For your customized glass bottles business, screen printing on bottles of glass

·         Equipment for printing on glass bottles used by producers of alcohol.

·         Printing for your cosmetics company on tiny bottles and tubes.

Types Of Bottle Printers

One of the most used printing methods in the bottle-packing industry is silk screen printing, often known as screen printing. With the aid of a silkscreen printer, it offers durable bottle decoration by applying distinctive logos on bottles.

Actually, the cylindrical screen printing printer, silk screen bottle printing machine, or mug screen printing machine are all common names for bottle screen printing machine. It is to print on the outside of other rounded, oval, square, and special-shaped containers in addition to bottles. A properly-designed circular screen printing machine will print on plastic, glass, and metal containers as well as any other material you desire.

The manufacturing of cosmetic bottles, daily chemical manufacturing, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical manufacturing are just a few of the industries that use cylindrical screen printing equipment.

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