Where To Buy the Best Towels for Your Hotel

Do you run a five-star hotel and looking for a Wholesale Towel Supplier In China? It may seem obvious that customers of restaurants, spas, gyms, and other establishments value high-quality towels. The benefits of purchasing high-quality towels are less clear, and the economic means by which organizations might obtain high-quality towels. There are many wholesale suppliers, and you can read this whole guide to know where to buy the best towels.

Quality Towel Wholesale Suppliers

The weight of hotel towels serves as a gauge of their quality. In order to evaluate products and determine which is the best choice for your hotel, they measure the towels in pounds per dozen. The weight of the towel also influences the cost of a towel. The price of the towels will increase with their weight. However, they will also feel more luxurious and absorbent.

A wide range of options, from lightweight, affordable options to opulent, upscale, higher-quality options, are readily available.

Purchasing towels in bulk is one of the most cost-effective and practical ways for you to obtain them for your hotel or facility. We provide U-TONG wholesale suppliers, and they have quality products at affordable prices.

There Are No Substitutes for Quality Towels

The truth is that adding extra towels, dressing them up, or using a softener won’t improve the quality of low-grade towels. Although there won’t be side-by-side comparisons for your clients and staff, they will be able to tell the difference every time they utilize them.

Why do these messes streak instead of absorbing? They could consider. Why won’t I dry off after taking a shower? Why does this towel get so hard when you dry it?

Towels make up a significant portion of the supplies you need to run your hotel, in addition to bed linen. You’ll want to ensure that your visitors are at ease and enjoying their stay, whether for a short time or a long time.

We have put up a guide to help you choose the best selection from the numerous materials, sizes, and pricing.

Towel Fabric

The two most popular types of hotel towel materials used in the hospitality sector are:

·         86% cotton and 14% polyester make up the combination. This mixture provides a delicate yet sturdy combination.

·         Excellent performance towels made of 100% cotton provide high levels of absorption and a plush feel.

There are two different designs for towel borders and finishes:

A cam border is a straightforward pattern that is typically placed an inch or two from the towel’s edge. The flat cam border gives the towel a new texture. A separate weave is applied to the border to achieve a flat, non-terry looped appearance.

Dobby border: This border tends to be more ornamental and may incorporate patterns or designs into the flat, separate weave.

Towel Size

A visitor’s experience begins the moment they enter the establishment, and they do have high expectations for the level of service they will receive. Additionally, you can guarantee that customers will have what they need when they need it by providing a range of hotel towel sizes. Towels are available in a wide range of sizes and have a variety of uses:

The typical size for face towels or washcloths, which mimics a square, is either 12″ x 12″ or 13″ x 13″. With the help of this towel, visitors can wash their bodies and faces and apply soap. The dimensions of hand towels range from 15″ to 18″ by 27″ to 32″. Typically, visitors use them to dry their hands after washing. These towels also have the advantage of being usable in a gym or spa area in addition to being restricted to hotel use.

Visitors use these towels to dry off their bodies after bathing, as the name implies.

Buy the right size and fabric from the most popular towel supplier in China, one of them is U-TONG.

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