Where To Find the Best Wholesale Suppliers of Secondhand Shoes

Some people find it unsettling to consider buying used shoes. Don’t know where to get Wholesale Second Hand Shoes Suppliers? No worries, we have a list of known suppliers.

What if we told you that you could purchase brand-new or nearly-new shoes for a small portion of the retail cost? For a number of reasons, shoes can end up at consignment shops, occasionally worn shoes, online purchases that didn’t fit, lifestyle changes, or simply never got used to them. These shoes are in excellent shape and are available for purchase!

Before Purchasing Used Shoes

Read The Reviews

The condition is the first thing you should consider when buying used shoes. This will give you a lot of information about how much the previous owner of these shoes wore them. Also, how much life they still have left, and how comfortable they will be for you. Examine the shoe’s body for signs of wear, such as deep creases or discoloration in the leather.

Check The Shoe Properly

The shoe’s heel contains a wealth of information. Does the heel rest flat on the ground, or does the rubber show signs of wear in some spots? Check to see if the rubber on the bottom of your high heels has worn off.

High heels typically have layers of wood and a piece of rubber that touches the ground. You can tell these shoes are worn out if you can still see the wood underneath. Also worn-out will be the sole. After the first wear, painted soles begin to fade and then continue to do so gradually. Small rock imprints and indentations will show that the shoes were worn outside.

Well-Known Wholesale Suppliers of Used Shoes

Ali baba

Alibaba is a marketplace for wholesale purchases where customers can find the best deals on large quantities of goods. Moreover, here you can even purchase used or second hand cheaper than the original ones. Alibaba enables customers to develop custom products, bargain directly with manufacturers, and save a lot of money.

Bata Enterprises

Many big industries export used shoes in large quantities from the U.S. by Bata Enterprises, Inc. They pair, band, and pack our mixed-use shoes into 50 lb. poly bags. In addition, they also offer paired, banded, and packed into cap sacks and semi-sorted used shoes.

Other than that, Bata Enterprises exports used shoes in large quantities to markets around the world. It includes those in Africa, Central America, South America, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and even your region. The breakdown of our options for buying mixed-used shoes is available on their website.

Jiangyin Bowell

We are one of London’s largest wholesalers of pre-owned clothing. The mission of Jiangyin Bowell Technology Co., Ltd. is to recycle used and secondhand goods. The project involves recycling and sorting used clothing, shoes, and headgear before shipping them to several Asian, African, and Latin American countries.

There are many items available for used purchase. Home goods, family wardrobe updates, televisions the list is practically endless. However, buying used shoes tends to make people very hesitant. They worry that they don’t fit their foot well enough or that they are too worn out. But if you adhere to a few wise suggestions, you might find yourself with a pair of amazing shoes for a very reasonable price.

How To Buy Best Secondhand Footwear?

1. Recognize where to buy

Thrift and consignment stores are among the obvious places to find used shoes. While the two might appear to be equivalent, they aren’t.

Thrift shops don’t have to pay to buy their goods because most, if not all, of them are donated to them. Prices will be reasonable, and the word “relative” is crucial. I am aware of at least one thrift store chain, which I will not name, that has a bad reputation for having high prices.

Another option is to buy Used Shoes in London from the popular suppliers as discussed above. Out of which, Bowell has a team of expert exporters.

2. Check Your Deal Before Making a Purchase

Get your smartphone out and search the Internet for information on the shoe brand you are thinking about buying. What is the range of their new prices for comparable styles?

Getting specific, you might have luck and locate the exact shoe online, complete with its retail and used price. Some designers engrave the name or model number of a particular shoe on the sole’s bottom or the interior lining. Look for it to be in the same spot as the description of the materials used or the shoe size.

3. Whenever Possible, Purchase Used Goods of The Highest Quality.

Cheap shoes are rarely cozy and are short-lived. Cheap shoes that you wear before will last even less time. Knowing the telltale signs of high-quality shoes pays off.

Instead of being mass-produced, many companies handcraft their quality shoes. They stitched everything together and did not glue it. You should opt for full-grain leather when buying it rather than bonded leather or imitation synthetic materials.

4. Keep an Eye Out for Fakes

It goes without saying that the likelihood of a shoe being counterfeit increases with price and popularity. In fact, footwear was the second-highest product category in 2018, with 14% of all counterfeit goods seized by U.S. Customs.

Every day, people buy fake UGGs, Louboutin’s, and Air Jordans, many of them unaware that they’ve been duped. Those shoes might unintentionally wind up in one of the nation’s thrift shops or on a blanket in someone’s driveway on the day of a garage sale.

If you want to buy bulk quality items, you can contact Bowell’s experienced suppliers. They have quality used shoes of every size. Moreover, they offer bulk orders as well. 

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